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Travel report: a bead filled trip through America
March 14, 2016

While I am writing this, I am on the train from New York City to Toronto, having already visited Tucson, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Washington DC and New York City in the last 6 weeks.

Presentation at the Orange County Bead Society

I have given four presentations for Bead Societies, did a book signing, and met amazing bead people along the way. It is great that through meeting people, discussing German beads with them, that I am able to learn more and more about these beads and the techniques with which they were made. Especially helpful was the generous invitation from Heather Trimlett to her studio, where she showed me how a large marble can be pierced to be made into a bead.

Heather Trimlett at work

Traveling by train in the US is quite different from European train travel. It is slower, more relaxed, and generally attracts those travelers who are not in a hurry. A mix between train enthusiasts, people whoe are afraid to fly, people who wil not fly for religious reasons like the Amish, people who do not fit into an airplane seat and just anyone else who enjoys trains over flying or driving. At meal times you are seated with other passengers and a wide range of subjects is discussed. Politics, obviously. But we have also learned a lot about Korean spas (apparantly they are a big thing), train engineering, dual citizenship, steam engines and how to make your own maple syrup.

Also, even though the trains in the US are more shaky due to old tracks, it still is a great way to travel and do a lot of beading!

For those in the NYC area: I will be giving my final lecture on 'Beads from Germany' for the Bead Society of Greater New York in New York City on March 22nd. You can find more info here:
Bead Society of Greater New York

View from the train

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